Why More women are Choosing Franchising

It has been said that women are a great match to become successful franchise owners because of their innate ability to collaborate, multitask and their natural ability to build relationships.

Female business owners account for roughly 25% of franchise ownership, according to data from Pricewaterhouse Cooper. Along with this add 43% of franchise businesses co-owned and operated by men and women together. As the percentage of women investing in franchise businesses continue to grow, franchisers are taking notice.

Now is a great time to start exploring today’s leading franchises attracting the attention of thousands of women entrepreneurs.

There are a number of franchises that are geared towards women owners and can help them realize their dreams of business ownership.

Investing in a franchise concept grants women greater access to financial security and flexibility in their careers.

As women strive to move from Employment to Mpowerment by leaving the corporate world and invest in a franchise, they enter into The New Career Economy which allows them to have a stream of income without the fear of being laid off.

Franchising follows a proven system of procedures and operations which enables franchisees to better manage their time. This allows them to spend more time with family and friends while maintaining control of their business.

Many franchises are actively seeing out female business owners.

Browse our directory of franchises of which many are attracting women from professionals to moms who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur by starting a homebased business. Many of these franchises target women customers as well.

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